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By letting go of the idea of perfection in my work, I have found that I have opened up my art practice to new levels of experimentation. This aspect of my artistic process is very freeing, and in turn, it has allowed me to let go of the parts of an artwork that I might love—to even totally cover them up at times—so that the end result can become richer and have more depth. By creating in this way and trying not to think too many steps ahead, I find that there truly can be no mistakes made.

While each piece of my artwork may begin with a basic underlying idea as its starting point, I strive to never have a preconceived end result. Working in this very fluid way, I allow the work itself to tell me in which direction I need to go next. Using many different mediums and techniques—including collage and monoprinting—I weave the color, texture, and marks throughout the many varied layers of each piece of art, fitting the elements together almost like a puzzle. Leaving each finished piece infused with multiple levels of meaning and the viewer to come away with something new each time that they look.

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