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Bermuda Beach Art and Some Inspiration Collecting

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Bermuda beach color, texture, and shape palette.

Something I have tried to cultivated in my art practice over the years is the habit of collecting inspiration through photographing patterns, shapes, colors, textures and everyday imagery. One of the best times to do this is while I am traveling.

Beach art made from shells and colorful bits of pottery and china found on the beach.

Last week while on a short family vacation to Bermuda, my daughter and I found a collection of colorful bits of pottery and broken china washed up on the beach, and I was inspired to create an impromptu piece of beach art.

While I was doing this, I was struck by how different these bits and pieces from every day life were from the objects that you usually expect to find washed up on a beach. And it made me wonder what the stories are that lie behind these colorful discoveries. How did they end up in the ocean? Were they lost or purposely disposed of? Were they precious to the people who possessed them? Are they missed?

Colorful "poetry" stairway in Hamilton, Bermuda's capital city.

We took a ferry ride into the capital city of Hamilton and I snapped a few photos of things that I thought would be interesting to look at for future ideas and to use for inspiration in my artwork.

An interesting bit of sidewalk with embedded metal letters and shapes.

Of course the letters in the picture above appealed to my inner "graphic designer." I loved how this was actually a small piece of art that was incorporated into an everyday, utilitarian part of the infrastructure of the city.

Bermuda color palette inspiration.

Sometimes I think that there is no better artist in the world than mother nature.

A little beach reading for school.

I even managed to squeeze in some reading for school! Although, I have to admit that it was ambitious of me to bring two books with me on vacation. I only managed to read a portion of the top one, and the title is just slightly misleading, as there is nothing short about this book. Also, I like how my toenail polish (upper right corner) matches the red on the cover of Interaction of Color by Joseph Albers : )

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