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MFA in Visual Arts • Lesley Art + Design

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Some thoughts and memories from my first residency. . .

The Lunder Art Center at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

I am recently back from completing the first of five residencies that I will attend while pursuing my MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley Art + Design. The program schedule for the ten day residency was jam packed from morning until late evening with classes (someone did the math and estimated that we did somewhere around 25 hours of class time over 10 days!), critiques, and artist talks. I met and connected with so many other amazing artist/students and faculty members while there, and I left Boston with a ton of ideas about where I want to go next in my creative work and with a bounty of inspiration. I am eager to get back to my studio and make more art. And I'm even sort of excited about the four research papers we have to do over the ensuing semester in between residencies. Although, you may want to check back with me later in the semester on that one : )

A section of my critique space where I displayed my work during the residency.

We are required to bring with us the artwork that we create during the semester between each residency, and we receive multiple group and independent critiques during our time at each residency. For this first residency I brought all the work that was part of my portfolio for my application to the MFA program, and while there I participated in eleven group and individual critiques of my work.

My "Tiny Abstract Paintings" on display.

I was especially surprised by the reception to my “Tiny Abstract Painting” series (above). This body of small works on paper was something that I brought with me as sort of an after thought, and wasn’t even planning to display them in my critique space, until another artist in my group encouraged me to do so. I am glad that I did, because I received a lot of positive feedback on this aspect of my studio practice and plan to keep experimenting and working with the ideas behind them.

I will be documenting my progress both in the studio and academically over the next two years. Check back often if you want to see what I'm up to!

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