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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Winter/Spring Semester 2019, Research Papers

"Legs" 36" x 36", mixed media on canvas, 2019.

In the second semester of work towards earning an MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley Art + Design in Boston, I have been encouraged by my academic advisor to delve into some interesting topics that are closely aligned with themes that I grapple with in my own art practice.

We are required to write at least one paper a month, so I have been quite busy with reading, research, and writing them. Not to mention what I have been up to in my studio practice (the painting above is one of four large canvases that I have been working on this semester). Even though the program is a "low residency" model, we are considered to be full-time graduate students and are required to spend at least 25 hours a week working on the degree.

At the beginning of the semester, feelings of ambivalence were starting to make me a little nervous, but I am happy to report that I worked my way through it. And

I did this partly by writing about my angst in my first paper for the semester Possibilities: No Door or Obvious Point of Entry. You can read it by clicking here if you have any desire to learn more about my feelings on the matter, as well as about some of the readings that I had to do for the Critical Theory II class that I took during my January 2019 residency.

To read my paper about the short lived "Pattern and Decoration Movement," Back and Forth: It’s a Huge Rich Visual Feast Out There, click here.

To read my paper From Abstract Painting to Creative Freedom which is about abstraction in painting and what I think that it means to be an abstract painter today, click here.

To read my paper Words and the Meaning of Things on the history of text and collage in art, click here.

To read my paper Art-wise about a few of the exhibits that I have been to over the semester, click here.

You can also access all of my work directly from my website and by going to the Portfolio/MFA Papers drop down tab at the top of the page.

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